Notification of Next Board Meeting

Date: Monday, Apr 26th, 2010
Time/Place: 7:00PM, Rich Piasecki’s Hanger, 128 Flightline)

Agenda Items

  1. Election of officers
  2. Taking over finances from Ray (past Treasurer)
  3. Collection of past due payments – ALL MEMBERS – Please mail in your $250 / lot if you have not done so and any flyable airplanes you rent space to in your hangar or on your property also owe $250/yr
  4. Car and Airplane Parking – Unfortunately, we must have all trailers removed from the car parking area. They are blocking the taxiway and the city only allows cars there. If you have a trailer please remove it and pay $20 / month for your parking) (We owe a refund to some trailers)
  5. Directors & Officers Insurance
  6. Committee Member verification
  7. Plane parking on taxiways

Please contact the Board if you have an item you would like to add to the agenda.

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