Notification of Next Board Meeting

April 20th, 2010

Date: Monday, Apr 26th, 2010
Time/Place: 7:00PM, Rich Piasecki’s Hanger, 128 Flightline)

Agenda Items

  1. Election of officers
  2. Taking over finances from Ray (past Treasurer)
  3. Collection of past due payments – ALL MEMBERS – Please mail in your $250 / lot if you have not done so and any flyable airplanes you rent space to in your hangar or on your property also owe $250/yr
  4. Car and Airplane Parking – Unfortunately, we must have all trailers removed from the car parking area. They are blocking the taxiway and the city only allows cars there. If you have a trailer please remove it and pay $20 / month for your parking) (We owe a refund to some trailers)
  5. Directors & Officers Insurance
  6. Committee Member verification
  7. Plane parking on taxiways

Please contact the Board if you have an item you would like to add to the agenda.

Election of New RAA POA Board Members

March 10th, 2010

Don’t forget the Annual RAA POA Member Meeting, Saturday, March 20 at 1000 AM. This year the meeting will be at 9400 Rolling Hills Trail, Lago Vista, TX 78645. It is George Eeds’s hangar on the East side of the runway. Please bring a chair to sit on. Barbeque to follow the meeting.

This year there are three open positions for the RAA POA board. The vacancies are for Alan Anderson, who resigned since he sold his last lot and is no longer a property owner. Alan we miss you. Jim Awalt, who after two exceptional terms, six years, has contributed so much in foresight, management, coordination with the city & TxDot and fathered our ten year agreement with the city. Jim, we will miss you! And finally, Ray Chatelain, who we ALL are so VERY, VERY grateful for being on the board longer than dirt, well, about four terms! He has saved us thousand upon thousands of dollars in handling our accounting, bill paying, dues collection, parking collection, banking, finances, state and federal filings. Ray, we will miss you!

However, we have three most qualified nominees to fill the POA board. Claudette Colwell, Rick Crider and Mike Schaffer. They are all most qualified and willing to serve our community and to help keep our airport financially strong provide strong business and airport experience and they want to see that our airport prospers and continues to operate as safely and efficiently as it has over the years. They have provided autobiographies of themselves, which I have included below.

In addition, I am attaching a ballot that I ask that you print off, vote and bring with you to the meeting or give it to someone along with your proxy. You can also, fill them in and fax, both the proxy and ballot to 512-458-8376 if you can’t attend the meeting.

Also, on the ballot is one position for the Lago Vista Airport Advisory Board (AAB) which the POA nominates to the city. Jim Wood who has been filling in on the AAB for years, attends every meeting and has added a great deal to our airport future has volunteered to serve. Thank you Jim.

Don’t forget to pay your yearly dues, $250 / lot. It was due Jan 31 and must be paid by the meeting to ensure your ballot is counted. Send your check to; RAA POA, 304 Flightline, Lago Vista, TX 78645

Download Ballot
Download Proxy

Notification of Annual Membership Meeting

March 10th, 2010

Date:Saturday, Mar 20th, 2010
Time/Place: 10:00AM, 9400 Rolling Hills Trail (George Eeds’s Hanger)

Agenda Items


Please contact the Board if you have an item you would like to add to the agenda.

Letter from POA VP Rich Piasecki

March 10th, 2010

Dear Fellow and Lady RAA POA’ers,

As spring approaches, the downhill Olympian are skiing and the lake is filling up, it must be time for our annual RAA POA membership meeting which is required to be held every March. This year the meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 20, at 1000 AM at
9400 Rolling Hills Trail or better known as George Eed’s hangar. We will have free, actually we all are paying for it, barbeque following the meeting. Please make an effort to come if you can or if you can not attend please give or mail your proxy and ballot, which is attached, to someone who will be at the meeting.

This is our first full year under our new user agreement with the city. As a re-cap, the RAA POA is required to pay the city $20,000 by July first every year for the use of the airport. In return for our usage fee they agree to keep the airport open and maintained, keep the lights and AWOS running and grass cut. This year in order to pay that fee we have sent out our annual bill, which you have already received, for $250 per lot owed on January 1. If you own multiple lots and have not officially had them re-plated into one, you owe $250 for each lot. If you have had them re-plated provide us with a copy of the official plat. The money was due and payable to RAA POA by the end of January so please ensure you have paid and if you haven’t please send your check to 304 Flightline, Lago Vista, TX 78645. As a note, the by laws allow the board to set the annual membership fee and only if the board asks for additional funds will a membership vote be required.

In addition to the fee owed by each lot owner, each permanently based aircraft must also pay $250 annually. Our by laws state we must collect from each tenant aircraft and our agreement with the city states it as well. If you rent space in your hangar to an operable airplane, they too must pay the $250. It is each land lord’s responsibility to get the RAA POA the based aircraft fee. Please collect it from your tenants and send it to us along with the N number, persons name, email address and phone number. The board has decided this is only fair since they have the same use of the airport that lot owners have.

The agreement with the city also gives the RAA POA the right to collect for parked vehicles on the car parking lot and the airplane ramp. We are keeping track, as best we can, of who is parking. The fees for parked aircraft are $400 annually (includes the $250 usage fee), $50 / month and $5 / night. The fee for cars / trailers is $100 annually, $20 / month and free overnight. So if you have a vehicle parked in the car parking lot be sure and send your check in or drop it off in the pay box, (which we moved to the kiosk by the fuel pump). Be sure and include your N number, License plate number, vehicle / plane description, name, email address and phone number.

By collecting these fees from ALL of the airport users and parkers we hope to be able to help keep our (lot owners) fees down. Besides, it is only fair everyone pay for using the facility. We will see how our collection goes this year and adjust the dues next year, down I hope! So please help out by paying ASAP if you haven’t already for you, your tenant aircraft and any vehicle parking on the vehicle parking lot. There are currently seven vehicles there so this can really help in keeping our annual dues at bay. Additionally, there are five airplanes permanently parked on the ramp, again helping to keep our dues down.

To aid in our collection process we have moved the overnight parking pay box to the kiosk next to the fuel pump and posted a new “PAY HERE” sign there. Additionally we have posted a new sign by the vehicle parking lot and a sign reminding people to pay as they leave the airport. As a side note we installed an additional wi-fi antenna repeater antenna on the east side of the airport giving access to the internet to the entire airport now. By the way, the wi-fi costs us about $600 annually.

At the end of last year we collected a substantial amount of money from one owner, two lots that have been liened for years along with back interest and lien fees. This was a nice bonus for the RAA POA bank account and future expenses. We continue to lien properties, as required by the by laws, for non payment and keep them liened until we collect past dues, interest and lien fees ($200/lien). We hate doing it, it is VERY time consuming for us and expensive to have a lien drawn up and filed. It is real pain for us board members to keep tracking people down. Please help us out and pay on time.

As always, fly safe out there and let’s keep the Rusty Allen Airport a Safe, Friendly & Fun airport. Hope to see you March 20th and please keep those comments coming in.


Rich Piasecki

ps; We do most of our correspondence all year and annual meeting via email. I continually send out notices of airport notices and things going on around the airport all year. I DO NOT have your email address so please send me an email to:

Also, send me your name, the name of the company you hold your lot in if applicable, mailing address and phone number(s).

Annual RAAPOA Membership Meeting

November 30th, 2009

The next POA Membership meeting will be on Saturday, March 20, 2010, 10:00 AM. More details to come.

Notification of Next Board Meeting

October 14th, 2009

Date: Thursday, Oct 17th, 2009
Time/Place: 10:00AM, Jim Awalt’s Hanger

Agenda Items

  1. Parking Fees: Auto, Plane,—annual, monthly, daily. Submit for City for approval, per our agreement
  2. Moving the payment box to the kiosk and a new sign to mount on the kiosk by the fuel pump.
  3. Review current Policy on Tenant Aircraft. Set fee for tenant aircraft in owners hangar.
  4. Review past due members and take appropriate action.
  5. Discuss Board Member replacement.
  6. Review budget and 2010 dues.
  7. Set date for annual POA meeting

Please contact the Board if you have an item you would like to add to the agenda.

Notification of Next Board Meeting

July 8th, 2009

Date: Monday, July 13th, 2009
Time/Place: 7:00PM, Rich Piasecki’s Hanger

Agenda Items

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. President’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Funding Agreement
  5. Additional Agenda Items Pending

Please contact the Board if you have an item you would like to add to the agenda.

Funding Agreement

July 8th, 2009

The RAAPOA Board of Directors has reached a funding agreement with the City of Lago Vista. The document is available here.

Please post all comments on the discussion forum.

Friday Night Movies at the Airport

June 23rd, 2009

The entire KRYW community is invited!

When: Friday, June 26, 2009 – Movie begins at dark
Where: Coltharp’s Hanger – 9106 Rolling Hills Trail (South most hangar on the east side.)

Meet on the ramp of the Coltharp hangar sometime before dark
Bring any snacks or drinks you like and something to sit on.

This week’s feature presentation is Fandango!

Call or e-mail Bill Coltharp if you have any questions.
email: Bill Coltharp, 512-422-4486

POA Discussion Forums

May 2nd, 2009

We’ve recently added a new Discussion area to the RAAPOA website. To access the Discussion Forums, click the link in the site menu just to the right.

Click here for a brief set of discussion instructions.
Click here for information on changing your password.